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 "...visitors are quickly impressed by the uniqueness and high level of workmanship of the design and its execution.."

Our Design Philosophy

What guides us as we create and build your garden.

Tell a story.

From the flow of water to the positioning of stones.


Find flow.

Balance and harmony between every element and aesthetic.


Less is more.

It’s a core Japanese principle, as it is ours.


Listen to the space.

Then work with, not against it.


A place for all seasons.

As the seasons change, so will our gardens and their flora.


Make sense.

More than just beautiful, it must be appropriate and practical.


Create pause.

An invitation to slow down and experience stillness, reflection, and contemplation.


Make them proud. 

From a long line of Japanese craftsmanship, we create to continue their legacy and earn their respect.

Kihara Landscapes Oct 2018 085.jpg

Our Japanese gardens are authentic and unique and we pride ourselves to be the best in the business. We source high quality materials from both Japan and Australia to incorporate into our gardens. Moto plays an integral part in both the design phase and also during construction and is involved in every step of the project. We are a small company and we don't take every job that comes our way. We spend many hours sourcing and hand picking materials for each garden. Every garden we create is unique and special to its setting.


Every project begins with a one-on-one consultation, where we talk through your dreams and ideas for your garden. We’ll then take you through our processes, as well as our design and landscaping tiers.

We spend many hours sourcing and handpicking materials for each garden

From here, we’ll have a good idea of what you want and look to advise on the scope, budget, and timeline of the project. Naturally, these elements change from project to project, dependent on the complexity of design, size of the space, and the work required. As well as council regulations and subsequent permits. These are conversations we make sure to have with you well in advance.

Concept Design from $2500

Master Design from $2500


In terms of construction and creation of your Japanese garden you can expect the following project costs. Again please use this as a guide as every garden is different. During the initial consultation, Moto will discuss your budget and give his estimation for your project.

Small Courtyard / Balcony gardens from $20,000

Backyard garden from $40,000

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