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Workshop by Japanese Garden Expert

30 Nov 2015 1:34 PM - Shosaku Kawase Visit April 5th 2016

Japanese Pruning Workshop by Japanese Garden Expert
Shosaku Kawase
Shosaku Kawase - Chief Gardener for Imperial Household Agency Kyoto

Tuesday 5th April, Japanese Garden, Melbourne Zoo

We have limited places available for the Japanese pruning workshop taking place at Melbourne Zoo on Tuesday 5th April (AM).  Kawase is presenting demonstrations in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne in April.
Kawase will present a 60 minute lecture followed by 4-5 hours of pruning demonstrations. This is not to be missed. Register your interest for the Melbourne demonstration ASAP (

Shosaku Kawase Profile
Shosaku Kawase graduated from the Osaka Agricultural and Horticultural College in 1972.
Kawase then spent 13 years working as a specialty gardener maintaining the gardens of the  Imperial Household Agency at Kyoto, The Imperial Palace and Shugakuin Villa.
Kawase was then engaged to design gardens for the Japanese Department of finance for 6 years. Kawase was engaged by the Forestry Department developing, maintaining and pruning gardens in Kyoto for 4 years.
Kawase then became the Chief Garden Manager for the historical Katsura Imperial Villa and Shagakuin Villa in Kyoto.  Following this period he was engaged as Professional Assistant Manager of historic gardens at the Japanese Forestry Department.
Kawase then established his company "Kyu-Tei Teien Research". Kawase is recognised internationally for his expertise in pruning and maintenance of Kyoto's three Imperial Villas.
in 2014 Kawase published the book "Katsura, Sentogosho and Shugakuin"

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